Habesha Ethiopian girls photo video

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  1. @crazyafricanmonkii actually that’s a typical Ethiopian nose but yeah this
    video is ridicules

  2. @crazyafricanmonkii Nope. Typical Ethiopian features. One of their physical
    trademark features and one of the reasons why I get mistaken for Ethiopian.

  3. these are only cheap strippers parading their ware for any one to come and
    see them at their strip club in DC.

  4. Im a 15 years old ethiopian and even i know that this isn’t our culture we
    don’t degrade women like this. What happened to us people we were the
    respecting and loyal servers of God, makes me sad to see this, i guess
    money and place changes people:(

  5. When the poor women get out from Ethiopia and they getting by money all of
    those we see in the videos they are seategnaaaaa adarey shermtoch
    asafarewoch ye Ethiopia asafarewoch

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