Human Trafficking of Ethiopians to Yemen

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Untold horror stories of Ethiopians crossing the desert to reach Saudi Arabia though Yemen. Inhuman treatment, murder, and rape by the Yemenis. Officials loo…

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  1. May Allah curse all these filthy arabswith disease illness storms droughts
    death poverty and all the calamities of the world ameen

  2. You are all right for what you say mankind is horrible and cruel regardless
    of their color religion or origin only few humans who’re born with kind
    hearts and noble feelings toward human beings

  3. السلام عليكم اخواني الاثيوبيين والصوماليين ولكل من يهاجر الا اليمن والله ان
    قلبي يولمني لما رايت وسمعت في هذا المشهد انا يمني والله ثم والله اني احبكم
    ومني كثير من يحبكم ولا كن هناك ناس يريدون الفتنه بيننا

  4. You sound australian. Why don’t you talk about how your country treats
    immigrants. First go home and see the situation for yourself.

  5. do the Ethiopian see vedios like this before they live their country?? i
    will die rather in my country than get tortured by those arabs 

  6. Contact AU Here and tell them to stop toying with each other’s balls and
    actually do something for Africans. Seriously these leaders need to be
    crucified. Not that I expect them to stop people from immigrating, but they
    can save Africans held as slaves in middle east.

  7. Our people need to be educated on false promises of success in Middle East,
    Can we take action by calling on the respective governments to order some
    kind of national media outreach to show this kind of Video to stop people
    from risking their lives to go live in some Desert. Ethiopia is an
    agricultural rich country that leases lands for middle east and Asian
    countries to grow food that feed many Asian countries like Qatar,
    Bangladesh just to name a few. Unless you have a proper channel to
    immigrate, please stay at home and make it work, or go to another African
    country. with the money you give these bandits and scammers, you can start
    a business in another African country and prosper.


  9. It is million times to starve in Ethiopia than going to this animal country
    please do not go to arab country they are animals unhuman devils seitan.

  10. arabs are the descendants of the Nomads and the Kazars their whole history
    is enslavement and torture. Their ancestors who fled to europe today claim
    to be Jews while all people of color or negro blood are the true Hebrews of
    the bible the Countries within the continent of africa make up 1/4th of the
    United Nations and once all of the Negroid people are gathered up and the
    12 tribes of Israel retake their positions the world will tremble and sing.
    As all enemies are put down beneath our feet.

  11. hasbellah wanamel wakel, i have to do some things for this ppl…. i never
    been in Eth. i am real hurt to see this, 

  12. Arabs you are and will be forever doomed for your inhumane treatment. Saudi
    Arabians and Yemens,……shame on you and your people for killing innocent
    people/innocent ethiopians for organ and what have you.

  13. Who ever is viewing this video must be aware that these kind of activity
    where innocent Ethiopians are allured by Arabs to go to Yemen and mainly
    Saudi Arabia for false hope of improved lives and better job opportunity
    are being killed on the way for their organs. Some women are forced in
    prostitution and slavery. Please let us do something to stop this cruelty
    on humanity and spread the word all over.

  14. arabs also had there hand in the trans Atlantic slave trade. They will soon
    reap what they are sowing, fiya burn dem

  15. Fucking peoples, Fucking can you treat a human being like
    that’s so fuck up..
    Yemen those peoples are really motheruckers..
    fuck y’all
    son of bitch..

  16. if I’m in Somalia, I would have hunt down all kind of Arabs, targeted:
    specially Libyan and Saudian. 

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