iMajik- You Habesha (Fancy Habesha Twist)- Habesha Zefen Group

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For all the beautiful habesha women. There is no me without you. Subscribe please.

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  1. THIS IS THE BESTTT !! its Waaayyy better than the Origional. LOL
    &&&& Yes I’am A HABESHA <3" Excuse me pretty lady i dont mean to be rude, you just walked up in the club smellin like habesha food."
    GoodJob ..

  2. LMAO ! i dont ever think I will get tired of listening to this … am serious like i reply this song over & over again…
    my mom doesnt know any other words but when shes walking around the house , or while shes cooking, she like
    ” Oh u habesha , oh u habesha” lmffaaaoo <3
    once again ., I looovveee thhhiissss <3 if i could like this Million times, i would.
    "Tifer done , tsegure done"
    hope there will be more videos …..

  3. Heey! dude this song is amazing! and i was just wondering if i can use this song for my website? msg me when u get this case i love it

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