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Habesha Darge is a passionate inventor who has designed, from everyday materials, a technology to convert plastic into fuels such as butane, diesel and benze…

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  1. Wow! this person is so genius and need to be encouraged to lift up his creativity. Bravo Abesha!!!! I am proud of you.

  2. To a none engineer or someone without a science background, this guy sounds like a genius but turning plastic into petroleum and petroleum byproducts are already known and have been done before. The reason why Westerns haven’t implemented this on a large scale is because it’s inefficient and environmentally not sound, it’s better to recycle the plastic than to break down its molecular structure. Which requires a large amount of water and a heat sources which is a waste of energy in it’s self.

  3. To see what is all around you makes one of the difference to a genius like you. Keep it up Bro!!

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