Jacky Gosee, Sela Bey – New Ethiopian Music

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  1. I am from eritrea keren & i love amaharic music nice music and dance keep
    it up
    can any one tell me what is the meaning of selabey

  2. I do not understand the meaning fSELA….yet it is that it is one the best
    traditiional song on the YouTube, as far as, the Ethiopian song goes

  3. Watch Jacky sing in Tigrigna Here; Jacky Gosee New Song, FIYAMETA –
    Ethiopian Music

  4. In 1984 she traveled to Ethiopia and I look forward to seeing those of the
    country and mixing with the hospitable people of what I hear it from my
    friends and when I arrive there occurred the biggest surprise has listened
    to the songs of Ethiopia , which takes you into a world of excitement and
    imagination and live and move between farms and forests and its

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