John Kerry in Addis Ababa University

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Hard-Talk with John Kerry in Ethiopia on the occasion of the African Union’s golden jubilee.

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  1. Why Talk middle east while audience and venue is in Ethiopia, Africa.
    Really Disappointing. No disrespect to Mr Secretary but I feel this hard
    talk is at wrong place for wrong audience. Why shielding Africa’s political
    problems and choose to discuss about middle east.

  2. Wrong place, wrong audience? You’re wrong. He’s answering questions
    formulated mostly by Ethiopians students. He didn’t choose to talk about
    those issues. Also, you need to have in mind that Ethiopians are also
    related to other Arab countries, specially Somalia by culture and most
    important, by religion: Islam.

  3. @charlesatlas LL, how is a wrong place and a wrong audience? You clearly
    have a lack of knowledge about Ethiopia. Ethiopia is geographically close
    to the Arab world but has no similarities at all. And the predominant
    religion in Ethiopia is Christianity not Islam. Read n know more before
    writing you don’t know.

  4. EthioChrisy Do you really believe Orthodox (you like the word Christianity)
    religion is predominant in Ethiopia and not Islam. Show me the prove? EPRDF
    current government put 2007 census as 35% Muslim, Derg government put it
    50% and Haile Selassie said 5% are Muslims. CIA put as 45-55% while Muslims
    think 65% are Muslims. Pick one and I am sure the government is in coptic
    hand and you will choose 5% and you are right. I am glad at least you did
    not say zero. The fact is on the ground.

  5. Ethiopian Muslims lost their vast land which is 2/3 of the contemperory
    Ethiopia excluding Eritrea. The population is also double of Orthodox
    religion followers. Ethiopian Muslims are secular and not fanatic like the
    northern Orthodox. Government (99.9% are Orthodox followers) took side and
    lied. I thought Ethiopians are one irrespective of their religion,
    nationality, race or locations but not in Africa specilly in Ethiopia.

  6. @Zaki, wow…..! I have no idea where you get your “facts”. You said
    Ethiopian Muslims lost their vast land which is 2/3 of the current
    Ethiopia! This is totally false. Islam is a new arrival to Ethiopia than of
    Christianity. Ibrahim “Grange ” Ahmed launched a campaign of spreading
    Islam in the mud 13th century and the Ethiopian Christians lost much of
    their land. This is a historical fact. Tell me one region of Ethiopia
    predominantly Muslim and swallowed by Christians! None whatsoever.

  7. As of the census which puts 35% Muslims in Ethiopia I have a doubt. Muslims
    in Ethiopia are not more than 25%. Majority Muslim areas are sparsely
    populated than the densely populate d area of the Christian highlands. 75%
    Amharas, 55% Orimos and 90% tigers are Christians Sidamas, Wolaita are
    almost 100%. That will leave you 6 million Somalus and 1.2million Afars
    Muslims. Go figure for yourself how many are Muslims in Ethiopia.

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