Land for Sale – Ethiopia’s disposessed farmers

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  1. Ethiopia has the worst government in the whole Africa. This dictatorship is ruled by a gang,they been robbing blind the country for the last 21yrs. Ethiopia lost 11 BILLION dollars from 2002-2010 for corruption. The ruling junta is getting very rich while the people are suffering. Time for revolution. Death to Weyanne(the ruling thugs).

  2. Same thing in America. These sadistic manipulative rich bastards just want more more more more more more more more. Why?

  3. Land for sale in Ethiopia! i hope the Rastafarians see this doc. a good opp for them to pool their resources and realize their long held desire to go back to Africa..

  4. What they also don’t tell you is Australia is just as bad. While China and the Arab states by up Ethiopia’s land, Australia and Canada are taking Ethiopia’s resources. I’m assuming mining/energy companies such as BHP Billiton and Allana Potash Corp are a little worried, because the more land China buys the more restricted their mining and research ability will be. These companies are also buying land, but it’s only for mining, resources have been found and it’s mainly in Danakil.

  5. Because Americans want something today, pay later/never. America does not produce enough to keep up their Americans lifestyle demands.

  6. Would it be any different if it were the Ethiopian government developing the land in this way, and exporting the produce? Should smallholder farmers club together and form a conglomerate and access export markets? Perhaps we should just put a fence round the smallholders and consign them to being curios.

  7. Progress? I hope in the longer term the health of the soil is borne in mind. with crops taking out 2ce per year what is being returned? Are pH levels being monitored and addressed as required? Pleased to see examples where local labor is being used to manage the land but developing the knowledge and skills of the local people to enable them to farm more effectively would demand large, costly and time consuming inputs. Cooperative farming groups could be a viable alternative development?

  8. What is the other option? More foreign aid? What has that done for Africans? Nothing! I hate what the British media and so-called intellectuals are trying to do in Africa. They say nothing of “land grabbing” or land ownership until they see Ethiopia, and other African nations developing, without the white paternalism of the West! Whether the government is corrupt or not, my point is, how in the world can you expect a country of 84 million to feed itself without large-scale agro-investment?

  9. Despise me for saying this if you want. I could care less; the truth will reveal itself in time. Pastoralists and village farmers will not bring Ethiopia food security. You cannot depend on ancient methods to develop the agriculture of any large and highly populated country. If the process is unfair, correct it. But to use this as an argument against investment in a country that desperately needs it is promoting another famine like we saw in 1984.

  10. The elites in the mainstream media and academia pretend to be the voice for voiceless. They get everyone riled up, make it look like the majority of Ethiopians is against the so-called indigenous Ethiopians thereby playing on a subliminal level, racial politics and invoking old notions of colonialism. The Gambella region is about the size of Netherlands with only about 305,000 people; it is sparsely populated! How does a poor country not use land for the benefit of feeding tens of millions?

  11. Then after you kill the members of this government, what will replace them? Talking about death to anyone in government is calling for bloodshed. That’s basically what you’re doing. You can’t seriously believe that Ethiopia needs a violent uprising. Do you even know what that will do to the entire horn of Africa? Africa does not need another Arab ( or African) Spring. Look how that’s worked out in Egypt and Syria. Otherwise, Africa will be preoccupied with tearing itself apart… again.

  12. I swear, the worst and most deceptive racism is the kind disguised or confused for compassion. I see this in the Western media and with bleeding heart organizations like Oakland Institute, International Rivers, Survival International, Friends of Lake Turkana, and others. If Ethiopia builds a dam for irrigation and electricity, it’s considered a crime. If they want to develop arable land for food security, it’s deemed the same. So, should they just depend on another Live Aid every other year?

  13. I am going to troll the crap out of videos like this. lol You cannot deny that Ethiopia’s agricultural production helped stave off a ’84 esque famine in 2011. Somalians were going to Ethiopia for food, if you can believe that. Something is working. These same people shedding crocodile tears just want black Africans to remain in some vision of noble peasantry. Because the big bad industry, that provides jobs for people, will corrupt them. The want blacks destitute, while they drive SUVs.

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