Lemlem Shumetei Yabay Sew Melkamu Ethiopian Habesha Amharic Music dvd Quality Zefen

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  1. has woyane made it illegal for Amharas to wear white? red trousers and
    green t shirt min aynet negger new? very sad..Gojam Azene..

  2. @Leeshan82 I don’t know if it is woyane or the producers are simply dumb.
    It is really ugly to see this kind of dance which has nothing to do with
    the actual tradition both in terms of the esksta and the cloth. Sad, Sad!
    Yekinet Regeta Yemesele, Siastela achefaferu!

  3. weyne…they look like clowns and abiyot has to be one of the worst
    choreographers ever! ughhh

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