Libsnew Birhanu – YALbeWE [Agewugna zefen ke Sekota]

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This was a hit in Sekota when it first came out at the beginning of 2004ec. Still sounds awesome to me, enjoy!

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  1. Neither. It’s Xamtanga/Agew — spoken in parts of Wollo like Sekota, Z’qula, Wag Himra, etc..

  2. This is incredible song, guys look the beat, it touches heart and make me to think how agew is the orgine of Amharic and Tigregna music, it can be the orgine of the entire culture and language of the north who knows. it makes me to think what was the first language before Geeze, the historian says Sabana language which no knows who spok such, must probably the agew. Eventhough there was not the much written, the name Axum is agew’s word for the king of water or river. Good luck Libsnew in your..

  3. thank you for such an incredible observation which keeps coming to my mind all the time. in a personal conversation, one historian actually told me that the key players in Axum civilization starting from its establishment are Agaws which remarkably tells us a lot…

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