Mahlet GebreGiorgis Haneta Ethiopian Ethiopia Habesha Tigrigna Music dvd Quality Tigray Derfi

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  1. you have a amazing I do not understand the language the words But a good
    song 🙂 love rates! :))))

  2. Jealousy is almost to kill you! Hahahah I learned now how blind jealousy
    drives people like gebregz Trust me she will never be Eritrean either

  3. What brought Heleln Meles here she is Erishabia and have nothing to do with
    Tigray Ethiopia! God bless Ethiopia, As to your Eritrea do not mix-up with
    our history we are different forever period.

  4. Ata jelfat guhaf wedi guhaf! Anseba wedi Homosinai! Go and suck your master
    Italian colonizer! SLAVE

  5. mahlet is very talented and hot at the same time,I’m Eritrean but i like
    mahlet music because i can speak tigrinia and i can understand what she’s

  6. Talkative big mouth. Friendship between the Tigrayans in Eritrean and
    Tigray is inevitable. Your just one of the those who are lonely,bitter and
    hateful because you are losers, If you were winners, The mere mention of
    Tigray, Tigrayans wouldn’t cause such a stir up.

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