Meet Miss Ethiopia 2012/2013 , Genet Tsegaya – Part 1 Enchewawet

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  1. አንድ ነገር አውቃለው ስለ ገኒ ያሰበችበት ቦታ ለመድረስ ማድረግ ያለባትን ነገር ከማድረግ ወደ ኋላ የማትል ጠንካራ ሴት
    መሆኗን ገና ብዙ አያለሁ ያልኩት ትላንትና ነገር መች ገረመኝ ዛሬ አዲስ ሆነና ትንቢቱ እንደ ሆነ የነገም ነውና

  2. Abba tobia go to se psychiatrist. You need help. We don’t care who is from
    which tribe. It’s only lunatics like you who want I divide the country and
    it’s people like that.leave Ethiopians alone. We don’t want racist mofo
    like you..

  3. It is very clear why she is selected from Ethiopia as Miss Ethiopia but
    someone might be selected as Miss Ethiopia may be after 5 years for now.
    She looks beautiful now.

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