Meles Zenawi Pissed at Isaias Afewerki

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Meles Zenawi reacts to Isaias Afewerki’s Interview with Al JAzeera.

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  1. Funny, you are barking all over Eritrean video condemning Eritrean heroes
    while BLEEDING your heart out for TIGRAY-HITLER who massacted Ethiopians
    for 35 years since the inception of TPLF ??? Thank you for proving your
    true colors.

  2. BOSTON: FBI uncovers plot to assassinate journalist Abebe Gelaw. A member
    of Ethiopia’s ruling party TPLF, Ato Guesh Abera, is named as the ring
    leader. ESAT, Jan. 8, 2013 LONDON: A TPLF TERRORIST agent named Mulugeta
    Kahsay has been exposed after he made a series of death threats against
    Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gellaw and his family. Mulugeta threatened that
    “they” will kill Abebe and his family. He also talked about plans to set
    alight houses owned by the journalist. ESAT: Feb 4, 2013

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    facebook, that you can’t say it on YouTube? Agame, Try connecting with your
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  5. Selam, We got TWISTED CURVES OF HIGHWAYS heading down from Asmara to Keren,
    for centuries named “LIBI TIGRAY” the wicked AGAME mindset for good reason.
    Therefore, checking PROFILE & YOUTUBE HISTORY, screen & weedout the AGAMES
    before rushing to make connections.

  6. this guy is so sad, either add me on facebook or let me send you my link to
    you. you need to enable that thing you have disabled so people can send you
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  7. Agame,,, What makes you think ANY Eritrean would be interested in your
    wicked mindset? Check Ethiomedia, Ethiopian Review & ESAT, if you can find
    ANY Ethiopian interested in corrosponding with Agames,,, LIKE YOU!!! Good
    Luck 🙂

  8. Are you sure, Agame knows how to use facebook? BTW: Instead of switching
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  9. kkkkkkkkkkkkk you guys all of you are agame your languge is tigrina we
    tigre from masawwa are the only pure eritrean

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