mezmur by Gutu feat- Tsebaot (Elu)

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song by Gutu feat Tsebot Girma Aranged by Gutu and Mihiretab Recorded by Mihiretab.

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  1. Yea He is faithful always!!!! I love this song!!! wow he is a blessed
    singer!!!! Oh yea none like him……. GOd bless u Gutuye!!!!!God bless u

  2. Great music and vocals! I heard this earlier this year and it is beautiful!
    Both singers have amazing vocals and I want to see the strength of their
    vocals more pronounced in future compilations. It feels like you are
    holding back on your vocals. It is still beautiful. Keep up the good work

  3. Yeah Gutu keep it up.I never forget the guitar chords you thought me when I
    was at AAI.Now I’m getting better someday we can play together. My ipod is
    filled with your mix.I love it.

  4. I just couldn stop listening to this song, indeed there’s no one like my
    God… he’s the one and the only one 🙂 very beautiful song Elu & Gutusha.

  5. Is the photo of the girl on the video that of Tsebaot’s? I find her picture
    improper? Is is fine for her to show us her cleavage. She might take it
    easy, but it ain’t!

  6. Hello Tsegabirhan, I hope u like the song. I was expecting comments about
    the song not the way people look But I guess u came here for other reasons.
    I hope u listen to the song. 😀

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