Muket Abebe – Shiwrewe [Agewugna Bahilawi zefen ke Sekota Ethiopia]

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This song is from the Agews in Wag, Sekota Ethiopia.

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  1. like to speak to the Majority of Ethiopians people becase the Majority Ethiopians are whom the Engine of country so called Ethiopians period but there are few in number whom live in Addis Ababacity trying to show off their builnding here and building there and this building help no body especially to those Ethiopians whom are known the families of ancient Ethiopians’children which are theTembienTigrayans Ethiopians,Enderta Tigrayans Ethiopians,Shire Tigrayans Ethiopians,Agew,Lasta Ethiopians

  2. I,used to heard Agewigna Ethiopians’ language in Abi Adi Tembien Tigray Ethiopians when I,was very young eriod

  3. Lovely Agew music
    Can Any one explain to me
    What Happen those In Tigray Region’S Agew
    You know There’s Agew places inTiGRAY State Also? SAMRe,Temben, Fenarwa,Abergele?
    What Happen To us ?We’re Tigray Agew
    I want let the Other know there are Agew In TiGry state……..wake up Deky Adey????

  4. Instead of took the Tsebel or spiritual soil from him,she went to the Enda Michael church by herself and asked to the Orthodox christians’ priests if the Agame beggar man so called Atsebha got tsebel or spiritual soil from them and they said no and when she found out that the Agame beggar man was lied to her then she called to the Agame beggar man in Tigrigna language= Haamede sheeetee and literally translating to English language a( SOIL MERCHANT) period

  5. kidanteferi78
    አንተ መርዘኛ እዚህም አለህ? we dont need u… U have done already enough HARM to us.
    just leave us alone….
    wakeup urself and try to kill urself rather than being such an EVIL RACIST

  6. I share only the facts but not ur emotional expression. In fact there are many Agews in Tigray particularly, in areas like Samre, Tanqua Abergelle,Embalajee, Maychew and Ofla. And also there are very few Tigrigna speaking kebeles in Abergelle/ Waghimra/. This is the result of poor regional demarcation and hence it is not worrisome as such coz we all are brothers. But what should be amended is that the Agew children in Tigray should be given the right 2 learn in their mother tongue/ Hamraic/

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