Nathan Araya presents “FREE TAXI RIDES IN ETHIOPIA”

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Nathan Araya and his group of friends rented a taxi bus in Addis Ababa for one hour and gave people free rides in the city to where ever they wanted to go. D…

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  1. I absolutely LOVE every aspect of this video. You and your friends goal to
    I guess give the world a different perspective of Ethiopia than what is
    portrayed to the media is mad dope. I’m actually Eritrean, but I totally
    respect the movement. The media’s view of both our countries belittles
    everything we actually stand for. And God willing all goals, dreams, and
    just everything works in your favor. So much praise and props to you all
    (although the chances of you every seeing my comment is slim, lol). Much
    love from the other side of the border. And good luck!!!

  2. free ride dream for future … i don’t get it
    why free?………..but u have good communication ability with the

  3. U are a such wonderful boy am proud of u because of what u are doing and
    where u are from. God bless u so much 

  4. Nathan and friends what a great way to visit and give back. Proud of you.
    As a father of two college kids, I wish they go back and do the same. Keep
    giving back. 

  5. Well done. I actually enjoyed watching the video. hopefully, we will see
    you with more videos like this whenever you get the chance to visit Addis.

  6. This is great. I like that you speak Amharic the way I do lol. I especially
    love how you’re showing Ethiopia in a positive light. Looking forward to
    watching more!

  7. I loved it I loved it I loved it I’m going to say it like a hundred times
    men and I love this video and really kind of of jealous right now that it’s
    been two years since I get to this country oh my god I’m thirsty I’m
    thirsty of my country oh my goodness and I don’t even know what’s I’m kinda
    so-so jealous and I loved the video thanks for uploading it.

  8. You are such a lovely and inspiring person. It’s so refreshing to see there
    are people like you who give back to their community and use the gift and
    talents GOD gave you to make the world to a better place.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and GOD Bless YOU! 

  9. Nate, I would like to thank you for such an awesome video. I like ..”
    Eshie” Please try to make such kinds of nice video again and again. God
    Bless you.

  10. God job! but there are a lot of drams in every day ride you do in taxi. I
    kind of did the same things but it wasn’t for free. The only time you can
    experience the real taxi ride is when you do it the way they do it make
    them pay for it. I paid for lots of people but it is only after I have seen
    the drama. Trust me that is the only way to to laugh or find out the
    problem and come up with solution!! It was great!!

  11. Tu est magnifique et c’est ça l’esprit éthiopien, MERCI POUR TA PRÉSENCE EN
    ÉTHIOPIE. Nous sommes contant comme toi de voir ça. 

  12. Nate you’re too crazy, I wish I was there in that cab. Hope you had a
    blast! and that the car pollution wasn’t too bad.

  13. i like the old man, what is important thing in life? just be happy with
    what we have! i love it 🙂 keep it up nathan!

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