Negeroch Habesha Parents Say

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  1. I’m saying this is how U view american blacks, Akata is an african word that is derogatory towards blacks in this country.

  2. Not all Africans have the same view.–Thus on my part of Africa we don’t have a word for american blacks–other than american. You’re an odd one.. it’s like you’re out searching for hate..whats wrong with you?

  3. No not searchin for hate just acknowleding that there is a rift between the children of the diaspora and her native sons. Remeber before you can cure a sickness, you have to know that it exists.

  4. So just to clarify, this video wasn’t made to offend anyone. We LOVE our culture. Everyone in the video is involved in Ethiopian Students Association, an organization that, annually, raises funds for philanthropic organizations in Ethiopia. (As for @baherukagne, what have you done lately?) We are not saying these are flaws, just stating some facts about the commonalities that all our families faced. If that is not the message you got from it then you might want to reevaluate the video!

  5. i like how at the end, the mom keeps saying ” nitan” and he keeps telling her “naten”

  6. I just saw another video. I guess the Toyota thing is a habasha thing must be like their favorite ride

  7. Is that supposed to be an accomplishment? I can not judge you because there is the saying, “Do not judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” So i dont know what you went thru, but this just breaks my heart, What ever your dad or mom did or you went thru, i believe you can do better, just pray. Coming back to Ethiopia and you thinkin u r like a child in a candy shop? well you should also know that its not like the US and there is HIV and other stuff.dont ruin ur life.all z best

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