New Amharic Mezmur by Abel

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  1. Yes, …so necessary and up to dated message of song. we r too far from real christianity.
    This people respect & worship me in his lips, but his HEART is far from me.

  2. Amen! Igzeabher yimaren! Ye Igzeabher menfes yimeles! Wede hizbu, wedebetu, wede hagerachinm! Igzeabher yibarkih, Abel!

  3. How many times do God delivers? It is only onces for all. And jesus did that in Golgotha. He said it is finished.

  4. O.our Lord please forgive us please holy spirit gives us power, love and self-control Amen all around the world glory your name.

    My God bless you brother Abel

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