New Eritrean Orthodox mezmur hiwetu bmlue

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Abune Aregawi Asmara.

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  1. Singing song of praise is on other way of worshiping . When you praise
    other name you are worshiping them and worship and praise must be only to
    God . It is written worship and serve only God the creator

  2. The prayers after death for the dead at :- – Funeral – 12th day – 40th day
    – 6th month – 12th month – Every year All these are works of Satan the
    devil introduced through the condemned books

  3. zmare melaekt yesmalna . ab alem eti zhayele seb seabi amlak trah eu kalie
    seb eti zeysieb fetariue halawiu ayfelitn eu ezi kea asha ebehal please
    follow god with tanks god for gave time to listen this time AND GOD BLESS

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