New Eritrean Orthodox Mezmur Kibrki Tegelitsu (ክብርኺ ተገሊጹ)

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This is Debre Mewie Abune Aregawi New Orthodox Mezmur Maitemenay. The Place where I grew up and the Church were i learned. Love you all members of Debre Mewi…

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  1. I Am A Eritrean and almost born in sweden but i still act like a eritrean
    and i don’t care i am almost born in sweden i am still an orthdox religonal
    Mheret Je rudelkom kolokom <3

  2. Oh don.t try to confuse Christians admiring Jesus,s mother Marry
    as worshipping b/c no one worshipped her.remember what God s angel on Lukas
    evangel said about that worshipping?not at all.

  3. Zimare Malaikitin Yasamalin manigisita Samayatin Yawarisilin saga manifasi
    kidusin Yalabisilin yagaligilot Zamanihin. Egizabher Yarizimilik Amen Amen
    Dinigil Mariyam Tibarikihi Ameeeeeeen !!!!

  4. ዝማሬ መላእክት ያሰማልን ወንድማችን በጣም ደስ የሚል መዝሙር በጣም እንወድሃለን

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