New Ethiopian Music Addiszefen Yemiwdlsh by Terefe Assefa 2012

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  1. this is Amazing song Tere i like it. good beginning. i Wait ur next Album
    with ur Video clip. good job.

  2. Woow…whats a Lovely super konjo Habesha and song is this ….??? but u
    know what i want to say, A woman who fears GOd, she will be thankful by her
    husband and neghbors. A woman without a sensible mind is like a GOLD ring
    on Pig’s nose…which worthless….

  3. How can/come 7 peoples hate this beautiful song Man, Mentally ill
    peoples… Intelligent singeer, great poem, rythm, beat, lyrthm, nd

  4. @soldamie I say same thing. I can’t understand a word But I love the rhythm
    and the words I hear\. Beautiful. I love music in many forms . No matter if
    i u nderstand or not. I like this.

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