New Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Diaqon Tiztaw Samuel ( Ende ene yeredahew yelem)

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This is a new mezmur by Diaqon tiztaw samuel. I like all his mezmurs. I like this one very much too. So please watch it and comment and if you like this mezm…

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  1. “እንደኔ የረዳኸው የለም እንደኔ ያነሳኸው የለም የፍቅርህ ውለታ በዝቶብኝ አልጠግብም ላንተ እየዘመርኩኝ”

  2. በመጀመሪያ ለዘማሪዉ ዝማሬ መላዕክ ያሰማልን ወደ ዩቲዩብ ያመጣልንን ኪዱኤልን አግዚአብሔር ይባርክህ!

  3. Tiztaw egeziabehir degem degagem yebarekehe. I love all his mezemur awe
    fiker new yalesu yet likid sew ema endit enedesu …….noooooooooooooooo

  4. I Wish if i can really explain how i feel when i listen tihs song, it makes
    me always to cry, and to remmember my Mum, becouse i used to sing it with
    her n just cryyyyy. Thanks God that you are always with us in every
    situation. Edeya Yeredahew Yelem Keber Temesgeneleg Yene Eredat. YEFIKER

  5. i inhale this beautiful gospel like air…….in the mildest of everything
    i have gone from foggy winds to sunny shine …i cannot express how much i
    adore this beautiful gospel of the Lord…..exhale in the lord

  6. i cant stop this mezmur my real life E/G zemnehen yebarkew long live
    othodoks cherch and ehiopia amen

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