Nhatty Salayish Ethiopian Ethiopia Habesha Amharic Music dvd Quality Zefen

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  1. @gashslj , Why can’t you Amhara’s have a policy to shut the fuck up when
    you you do not have a positive thing to say?

  2. @tabotamerica: what a fk r u talking abt? How the fk do you know that I m
    amhara? I can say what ever i want. Grow up loser!

  3. @tabotamerica I know what gashsij said wasn’t nice but why do you use the
    race card. Its because if that type of shit we Ethiopians are poor.

  4. I love it! As you are known in Amharic,please also try in other language
    like Afan Oromo! If u can’t speak afan oromo try ur best to do with oromo
    musician in mix! I love u!!!!!!!!!

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