Oromo music, Hachalu Hundessa, Sanyii Mootii, Jimma traditional music, Ethiopian Music

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Hachalu Hundessa: young talented oromo artist performing Jimma oromos traditional music in artful way!! Enjoy it!!

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  1. Beautiful music. A beautiful voice. Beautiful girl. Beautiful land
    Beautiful dance Everything in this video clip is beautiful

  2. @varickloc Oh, Gosh! Tebel terech! It might help u resolve many of ur
    issues, including ur problem with dating Ethiopian girls.

  3. when people going to grow up!! Hitler once though of his blood as superior
    to any other, eventually ended up with inslaved Great germanian for long
    time and guess untill NOW german still a slave country > nobody better than
    any, it’s only when u c urself better then only then U r the WORST of them

  4. @THEBADASSOROMO This guy has very stereotypical Tigray features, especially
    in the forehead, Tigray people have tendencies to have square shaped
    foreheads and outward sticking ears with the inclusion of long slender
    necks, this guy reflects those looks. Also most Oromo’s have high strong
    cheekbones, this guy doesnt have those looks, but all in all we are
    inseparable people, and you know it damn well.

  5. @THEBADASSOROMO ignore WupeViasco he is a racist pale Indian that thinks
    East Africans like yourself are or originally Caucasian. Another racist
    fag. His friend Salsassin was destroyed by Medjay Commander see Medjay’s
    video the funniest shit ever!

  6. I think looking similar would not bring unity in Check republic between the
    cheks and Slovania. In Yougoslivia and USSR. The problem is Ethiopian
    leaders loved power so much and in doing so the mistreated the majority in
    the country. The way the mistreat an Oromo person even today makes me feel
    we better die than live as an Ethiopian. 

  7. i guess i dont have to be oromo to love this song yet dont ask me about my
    race cus i am a proud ethiopian

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