Oromo Music, Jambo Jote, Dafii Kootu, JJ, Ethiopian Music

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Jambo Jote, JJ, the great emerged oromo artist, with an artful way of performance and style!! Enjoy it!! Ethiopian/Oromo Music!!

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  1. I love J.J, the song, the music..but the dancers .I do not think they matc
    too muc with the song… I would have prefered some traditiona
    dances..which would have been perfect to this AWESOME song. Go brothr you
    are one of the bes singers of Ormiyan songs, of our land Ethiopia-Hugs

  2. Jamboo Jootee, ati ogumaa kanaan dibamteetta; jabaadhu; Rabbi ija hamaatti
    qoraatti dhaddee haacabsu!! Ameen

  3. @selam go further to show how smart and wise you are ,our ethinic identity
    shouid not dictate us how we feel about ,music ,culture ,relationship or
    life ,there are really few people who cares about oromo music ,but dare to
    listen english music ,like our friend addis abeba ,hay can you please
    deifine what it means by an Ethiopian? you do not know what JJ sings ? you
    do not ask to learn ! you are insulting art !t like .you are dureye womene
    !learn history ,have good sentiments for others

  4. I love j.j he is amazing gay and his song is awseme but I am not Oromo I am
    tegry but I speak the language 

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