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A very nice and slow Oromo tune by the oromo Artist, Jambo Jote, JJ. Realy interesting, enjoy it!!

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  1. Our encounter may have been brief, but you sure have secured a mighty place
    in my heart… How can I forget about you! -Ted

  2. i don’t understand the music. but i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!! he sings very
    good. good job. you are the best!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love this song 🙂 Long live Oromia. We are the orgine of humans… Soon
    cockroaches will leave us alone…

  4. Second verse: (2x) I have repeatedly hurt you many times. Please forgive
    me, please forgive all the mistakes that I have made until today. Please
    don’t be harsh on me my life (referring to the girl), O ye promise of love.
    Chorus: (2x) The tears of love, here they go dropping from my eyes. How
    can I live, having separated from you. It’s my fault, I will never go back
    to it, o my only love come back to me…. Second Verse repeated… I am
    Sorry (forgive me, forgive me)..Don’t be harsh onme

  5. @intisarahmed Thank you for the translation. It is a beautiful song and I
    was always curious to know what was about.

  6. Really a very nice songs in oromo version. How can I get this guys songs
    online. Is it available for download like iTunes . If some one knows pls
    get me. Tnx

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