Part 1 of 2 Endih hognei Short Drama Ethiopian Ethiopia Habesha Amharic dvd Quality

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  1. What the hell are u doing kimalam amaharas ? that is oromo style get your
    own style donkey stinky ass amaharas

  2. አለማሳቃችሁ አስለቀሰ። ዶማ ራስ ሁላ! ሃገር ጉድ ሆናለች። ፋሽስት ወያኔ እየቃመህ ነው። ቆዳ ራስ ትውልድ! ተኝተሃል።
    የቀድሞ ወጣት፡ በአንተና በአንቺ ዕድሜ ስፖርት ቤት ገብቶ፡ በትምህርት እራሱን አንጾ ሃገሩን ከጠላት ሲከላከል ሲለፋ
    የቆየ ነበር። አይ ኢትዮጵያ ይህንን ታሳዪን?

  3. Ante aleh aydel ቆዳ ራስ shemagle.ante maneh ena new diaspora tekemth ፋሽስት ወያኔ
    menamn yemtlew?when u are man enough come to ethiopia and fight.leba
    diaspora hula…..uuuete sport serth tawkalh lemhonu?fishka ye derg terafi

  4. Meskeye Asqeyami, you just farted through your dirty Mouth! Arogit sathogni
    Diftt yadrgsh! Anchi FESAM TERATI WEYANE.

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