Pronounce it like a Habesha Part 1

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The way habesha peoples pronounce English :)) [jokes]

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  1. British people say “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” when they try to describe people like you. come on guys! if you want to make someone laugh be creative. And one more thing , don’t ditch your English class. (The way habesha peoples pronounce English) since you are fond of correcting people let me do you the honor of correcting you fucked up grammar. the way habesh people pronounce English.

  2. you guys fuck u think ur z smart one. u guys need to grow up more and back to school u need to get more knowledge. u guys have very poor mind dismiss ur fuck video we don’t need to see ur face and ur fuck voice get down

  3. the two most dum people i have ever seen in my life especially you the guy you are so damn stupid

  4. Ya’ll are hella funny. keep up the good work. im habasha myself and thats exactly how my elders sound.

  5. making a joke out of how people take is just sick because i am habasha myself and your a dis to us.

  6. but the z is pronounced zed in Britain so there is no problem with that probably inherited from there

  7. OMG u guys this is good but some of them of them r offending and pleas don’t forget where u truly came from

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