Pronounce it like a Habesha Part 2

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The way habesha peoples pronounce English :)) [jokes]

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  1. Atlanta!!! lol she didn’t pronounce it well…haaa u so busted .. some of
    it he lied its not true! let me remind u some …..”manual” we pronounce
    very badly haaaaaaaaa

  2. U forgot stop : “stob” , Manhattan : “Man hhatan”, Ethiopia : “Etyopya”
    with real Amharic “pi” not “p”

  3. you guys should so these words: Thermometer, ventilator, Gladiator,
    Generally, Chicago, ankle, his, ……….

  4. church priest school dress be quiet lazy pretty loud monday,tuesday. etc.
    if you make a part 3 and say these words,that would totally make my day lol

  5. ምናባታችሁ ነው የምትሉት ቆይ ትማጧታላችሁ!!!! ሰብሬ…… ሰብሬ….

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