PROPHECY ALERT: Ethiopia Takes The Nile From Egypt!!

Watch latest Ethiopian vids here

Fulfilling Isaiah 19:5-6 Ethiopia building a Dam drying up the River Nile also

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  1. iam egyptian boy first iam happy for mohamed morsi leaved egypt second ethiopia cant take our nile our history ! iam saying they took very small place in the nile they bulit a dam in it iam saying nobody can take our history and thank you for the american for the help to egypt .

  2. hey kid, i’m ethiopian, and i want to tell you that nobody is gonna take water from egypt. ok? we’re just using it to create electricity. meaning once the water creates electricity it goes like it has done for ages. don’t believe it when people say “they will take the water” because we won’t and we don’t need the water. there are 12 rivers in ethiopia.

  3. President Morsi is gone by the invisible money laden hand of America by their allies within the Egyptian military. Even by conservative estimates the American Empire has dispensed well over $60 billion to Egypt over just the past several decades. The Empire loves freedom and democracy yet the words ‘return Morsi’ the freely elected leader of the Egyptians has not passed the lips of Caesar. Indeed Caesar won’t even refer to this coup as a coup d’etat. The Empire’s Pro Council, he’s out yachting.

  4. Paul Begley, You represent some of the coming false prophets! One can simply observe your fat ass and can conclude that you never fast in the name of the Almighty and kneel down under His Cross so that you can understand all the prophecies in the Bible as well as Christianity at large. Make sure the fact that the doing of the Anti-Christ is sophisticated than your understanding and ensure yourself that you are somehow facilitating his evil work. Btw, Morsi (your Anti-Christ is gone)!!!

  5. i dont think this prophecy refers the current dam… nothing is goin to happen due to the dam

  6. This is a side effect of YouTube. Every idiot narcissistic with webcam can talk nonsense. Morsi is aleady gone and what a flop prophesy

  7. Sit back and relax all Ethiopians out there. God is with us. the Egypt ppl are busy killing each other. God bless Ethiopia. and Jesus Christ will come back soon excited.

  8. I’m Ethiopian. And I am working on the dam project which people can buy shares. We are going to take all Egypts water and let those pig worshipping satanic muslim dogs die of thirst by the millions.

  9. listen u ugly filthy arab, we dont give a crap if us or china or russia helps u or sides next 2 u. guess what? we go by our rule. we gonna build the damn dam we we gonna build it ley’s c if u can stop us, lets see. just go home and sit ur ugly fat butt and smoke hookha, we defeated the blood hungry egypt 2 times in the past, i know u know that. u fat ugly everything u have is from usa but we build evertything by ourselves. and by the way teach ur self on how to spell. fagot arab.

  10. Lol-the US won’t jump in to this..George Bush is facing arrest for war crimes, treason and Obama is not too far behind. Congress has warned Obama one more undeclared war that does not involve danger to the US and he will be impeached and he’s already in trouble. Build that damn dam, damn it. Morsi is no longer in power and nobody is behind the wheel…now is the time to knock Egypt down a peg

  11. I don’t care much for Israel, but they’ve kicked more Egypt ass than I can count so maybe they should think twice about picking on the little guy..

  12. I see fear coming out from some Ethiopian commentors in here. loooool And they don’t even notice they’re trying to go against God.Hey Fellow Ethiopians the Biblical Prophecy is God talking repent and just shut up fear God not Egyptians.

  13. Honestly I feel bad for u cuz u know nothing about the Nile river and Ethiopia,why don’t u see the ppl in Ethiopia who don’t have water and we r not taking ALL THE WATER we r taking the water to generate water and using it as energy ad sending it back to flow gracefully,I think u had too much coffee while talking

  14. Ezekiel 29:10 Therefore, behold, I am against you and against your streams, and I will make the land of Egypt an utter waste and desolation… as far as the border of Cush (ie, “Cush” was what Ethiopia was referred to back in Biblical times… so the fact that Ethiopia is building a dam that could potentially dry up the Nile could be what this prophecy is talking about).

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