Selamawit Gebru ‘Konjo Mewded’ Eritrean/Ethiopian music

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An Ethiopian remake of an Eritrean song by Yohannes Tikabo Subscribe:

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  1. GOD bless you nice song someone please let me know the meaning of that song
    God bless those younger generation

  2. This Song is a COPY!!! Click on this Link to see the Original song From
    The Eritrean Legend Yohannes Tikabo Wedi Tikabo Gu’e lelmliney 

  3. Is my eyes working right or the beer intake is playing with my vision that
    the girl dancers looks like they are twins?

  4. Brothers in Ethiopia, we are the same people, sharing the same borders,
    sharing the same culture, sharing the same nile, we are from the same mama
    Africa. Love you all, may ALLAH grant us peace, love, respect, and
    prosperity. Your brother from Sudan 

  5. Can you remove “eritrean” from the video title, This song has nothing to do
    with Eritrea. what is with the dancers hairstyles it looks exactly like
    Eritrean Lowlanders Tribal “Tiffa” Hairdo, One more thing “Halenga” is a
    proud Tribe that originated In Eritrea have respect and don’t associated
    with half naked girls dancing. I am sure you wouldn’t like it if someone
    opens a brothel and calls it “Amhara”.

  6. I’m really becoming fond of Ethiopian music! I love it so much, this song
    sounds so joyful 🙂 greetings from Sierra Leone :)

  7. @hawiafa guhri, you dirty Ansaba. you look like a davil loughing…….lol
    the music nice. nice lady too.

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