Sew Le Sew 56 – Ethiopian Drama

Watch latest Ethiopian vids here Sew Le Sew 56 – Ethiopian Drama.

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  1. if Asnake dead for real am gonna hate the writer b/c Asnake deserve to die with pain ! not peacefully like this …

  2. I am so proud of you guys, you took me different world. You keep me bussy, scarey, sadness. Omg I have mussel aches all over my body. Thank you, you make my day bussy day.

  3. Medi shouldn’t Die because her mother should learn about her wrong things, Asnake should alos learn from his mistakes . so what if Asne dies ??..that is not the main Issue to be fixed he should suffer a lot b4 he dies…Thank you anyways.

  4. I really hope that Medi’s boyfriend is not going to kill her mother out of rage/revenge , , ,
    Asnake is a good actor and should not die , , , he is the bad guy here and should stay to keep me on my toes , , , overall, I like the way each story moves along , , , good job Mr. director , , ,

  5. Asnake should not die,if he did and the movie die as well because this movie will be more boring wz out Asenak and Sosiya. And Tsedi what a wrong idea to save her OLD father life and kill the young one ,i guess everyone is selfish when it come to there own families.I hope Barich not going to kill the mother of Medi and if he does O LÀ LÀ……it will be fucked up. Over all it is geting so intens and love it cant wait to the next part.

  6. I think the movie is over. The director is running out of money or there is a problem among the writers. How can you kill Asnake, the venom of the whole episode. How can you kill the lovely Medi, the hope of Baricho. What about Mesfin’s plan. Obviously, they are not running out of stories, but they are under budget. It is sad if my prediction is on the money, It was a good ride while it lasted.

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