Sew Le Sew : Ethiopian Drama: Part 41

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Sew Le Sew : Ethiopian Drama: Part 41.

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  1. It is about time! I almost try to wirte my own conclustion story. Who ever write this episod very smart and I hope I will see you one day when I come to Ethiopia. Good job!

  2. የወያነ ኣርቲስቶች እባካችህ ስለብዙሃኑ ስለደሃው ዬትዮ ህዝብ አንድ ነገር ሰርታችሕ ሙቱ ሆዳሞች

  3. ኣዽር ባይ ሌቦች አፈር ብሉ ሁል ግዚ ጥሩ ቤትና ጥሩ መኪና ታሳያላች የራሳችሁን በሃል ንቃችሁ የፈረንጅ ታስተጋባላችሁ ብዙ ሚልዮን ህዝብ ምግብ ፈልጎ የህል ያለህ ይላል ኢናንተ ሆዳም ያገርቢት አርቲስቶች በጥንቁይ ኢያመለካችሁ የምትሰሩትን አታቁም ሆዳሞች

  4. oh man dont change everything to politics. Do you expect them to go to Gojam? pls Dear Ethiopians everything getting it twisted is going to stunt ur growth.

  5. ere dont curse ma goodness.IT’s entertainment try to free up ur mind from spirit of poverty. ena chika bet yasayu kolo bewiha eybelu. yetim ager chigir ale egna hizbachin bezi economy destegna hono yinoral arif new. ende kedihinet lemewtat mejemeria minasibewin enkeyir. Let’s have some good dreams for our future.

  6. gin betenkuay yalkew lik new enem alwedewim yesetan sira new. gin eko antem eyetesadebk new ezi gar. hatyat hulu degmo ekul new. atlist tinish amarignahin astekakel bitaregew mud alew. peace bro

  7. I like this Drama!! It clearly exposes Ethiopian politics, the human selfish behaviour and material world!!

  8. hey shut fuck up don’t bring ur stupid politics in here ok we just want to see this drama if u don’t like it go fuck ur slef i know this is eritrean ppl in here u just every where tryin to make hate each othere so pls mind ur businesse leave ethiopian in one peace

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