Sew Le Sew – Part 30 – clip 2 of 2, Ethiopian Drama

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Television Programming short Drama ,sad ,funny ,entertaining and educational.

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  1. Guys, can you please use computer and register everything on the comp, at least pretend to write the report. make it believable.

  2. Inspectors, please when you get a new info, write it down. It’s unbelievable just asking and leave. After the info ask the person’s name who gave you the info. Detail is missing in this part of the drama. write,write write everything, and register it when you get to your office. You also need one secretary(one actor) for that part. Keep up the good work though! Miss perfection.

  3. polisu aradanet meslotal hulunm neger beqal meyaz.wereketn yemesele neger yelem.mognina wereket …sibal alsemam meselegni…..

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