Sew Le Sew – Part 32 – clip 2 of 2, Ethiopian Drama

Watch latest Ethiopian vids here : Sew Le Sew – Part 32 – clip 2 of 2, Ethiopian Drama Playlist:…

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  1. Yes yes.. I am so proud to see sow le sow, When you throw it will get u back to you. when will sow si end up and I wonder why she need tebeka. SHE Should leave him alone. I felt the singe of true love. ForGIVE and forGET. so it will be a nice life ever after (endless.)

  2. Wow Asne, You are the real Actor of this Drama, poor section on Tebeqa hope to see the other tebeqa who is hidden for the time being. Keep up the good work

  3. omg i can’t even wait to see the next part about asnake. i now asnake is vary good actor of this drama but i don’t like hem and i am sure asnake is naver…… give up!!!!!!

  4. Ops!!! Asnake is shaking :)) My dream comes true!!! Ayi Jimatam Moges anten belo telemagn tasa eras demo aginteh new Sosiye fikirin…. Oh God how nice this drama!!! hehehe Asnake seems “Yetenefese goma” Addis tyre good luck !!!

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