Sew Le Sew – Part 33- clip 1 of 2, Ethiopian Drama

Watch latest Ethiopian vids here : Sew Le Sew – Part 33- clip 1 of 2, Ethiopian Drama Playlist:…

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  1. ethiopiantv
    gemena videos
    We are going to report you to youtube for uploading our video like Gemena and that will shutdown your account. Also we will report you for false information on your account. To avoid these please remove all our videos from your account.
    Sent to: eskobar2000

  2. All the best Actors and actress,No one best with out the others so go ahead Ethiopian film makers,Actors and Actress.

  3. the number of the view is increasing on each part. sewu endet new kegimash new ende miyayew lol. habesha mirt people

  4. የተዋጣለት ተውኔት። እንዳባይ ሄዶ ሄዶ ማብቂያ የለውም ግን። ለመሆኑ የታሰረውን ልጅ ያስፈታው ክፉው ገጸ ባሕርይ ወይስ ሌላ። አልገባኝም። ተዋናዮቹ ግን ሁሉም እርስ በርስ የሚጣጣም  ተፈጥሯዊ ትወና ነው የሚያሳዩት። በኢትዮጵያ የፊልም አቀራረጽ ጥራት ይህ ተውኔት አዲስ ምዕራፍ ከፍቷል። ገና ባይራቀቅም ጥሩ እመርታ ነው። ደስ ይላል። በገበና ተደንቀን ነበር እሱን የሚያስንቅ እነኾ

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