Sew Le Sew – Part 34, clip 1 of 2, Ethiopian Drama

Watch latest Ethiopian vids here : Sew Le Sew – Part 34, clip 1 of 2, Ethiopian Drama Playlist:…

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  1. ሰዉና አመሉ ወይ ሳይተዋወቁ ብዙ ጊዜ ኖሩ ሰው ለሰው ድራማ ትልቅ ትምህርት ሰጪ ድራማ ነው!
    please don’t stop this DRAMA it teaches me a lot thanks 4 uploading.

  2. i like the This Serious drama specially asnake mean beka filmu endiamr Yaregew yesu metifonet slehone
    i like the parental life of ato mesfin.

  3. Minim enkuan Ke Ato Mesfin betam young bihonim, lagbash bilegn ayinen alashim…. He is owsome Husband and father!!!!! Wow

  4. wow such a drama!!!!!!!!!! i wish Ato Mesfen is my husband i know he is going to be older than me but i don’t mind lol. Any way the best Ethiopian drama well done 🙂

  5. Dream father-Ato Mesfin, dream family-his family!! TPLF/EPDLF-Ato Asnake!! APDM,SEPDM,OPDM,,..-Ato Asknake’s family b/se they know he is wicked but live in his house b/se it is their common asset not his personal asset alone! this drama shows the ethiopian politics with all its good and bad faith, real life of different families all over the country and beyond; it expresses hos criminals do complex things and why people suspect genuin people like Ato Mesfin and his family, professionality!!!

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