Sew Le Sew – Part 38, clip 2 of 2, Ethiopian Drama

Watch latest Ethiopian vids here : Sew Le Sew – Part 38, clip 2 of 2, Ethiopian Drama Playlist:…

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  1. yemigerim tariq new , , , misqin medihanit ena barich , , , cant wait to see what’s coming next week , , ,

  2. omg what the fuck wrong with these mother Bs lol. i hope Medey wont drink that water. I cant wait for the next part hahahah.

  3. Besmeab Yemigerm Neger New Endet Le And Ljewa Endezih Neger Tasbalech Beteley Lelagnawn Ljwa Be Sew Ej Motobat Esuwam Raswa Geday Lemehon Tasbalech? Gen Egzabher Yawkal Wehawn Atetetaw Yhonal… Dft Bale Wehaw Kemetetatwa Befit! Dgmom Geta Yasebew Lj Yweledal Enji Be Sew Ej Aymotm! Lemohonu Gen Ljun Lemaswered Stl Ljen Batas Bla Alemasebwa Rasu Yemtgerm Enat Nat! Medi Ayzosh Yene Konjo Egzabher Alelsh… Well Can’t Wait 2 See Next Week Part! If She Give Her De Water I Wish She Gonna Go 2 Hell 🙂

  4. dude i mean if u are a dude take it easy, its just a drama. and these things shall be added on the scene. i.e gash asnake’s cruelty too

  5. OMG!! she is a brutal mother,solomon MUST must MuSt!!!! call Medi to save her life from this brutal crime [-o<<<<<<<

  6. , I don’t think he said architectural, I think he said Architecture ‘yahil’ if to say a profession as big as architecture…don’t be cynical be positive regardless of what he said…

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