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sew le sew part 91 best ethiopian drama.

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  1. Continued ……..Greediness and monopoly will destroy the progress of the success you better stop your act and grow with your people. FYI we love the show, but we are not that desperate you can have it all. Message for the producer, please remove Dire tube from your site…… you do not need greedy BiXs.

  2. Continued …….Also, to remained the producers and Dire tube the show is not even cut professionally to ask payment you should at list present your work better than what you air weekly, for your information on behalf of viewers in USA we will never pay a penny (denbulo).

  3. I’m 100% with you brother Yes, Anekfelem ! Dire tube must be joking on this one. Q #1 this show was not paid show in addis ?, why do we have to pay for the show that is played free in Ethiopia?….. We are not suckers here in USA, Europe, Asia, Canada, S. America and Africa living ? Greed is not good, slow down your horse; you better act soon and stop your insanity request.

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