Shit Habesha Parents Say pt. 2

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This is the sequel to Shit Habesha Parents say pt.1. Watch Gergish as he continues to keep it 100% habesha. Comment, Share, and Subscribe…

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  1. I’m Ethiopian & Eritrean ( born in the U.S.) & I love Gergish’s videos… Please excuse the ignorant idiots like OperationSunset… he doesn’t represent for Ethiopia, matter of fact most of Ethiopia hates Tigray right now, because his Woyanne cousins are fucking everything up… selezi- keep making your videos, they are very funny and forget the idiots.

  2. all I gotta say is that your weekminded if you respond to operation sunset. I’m 16 and im 100% Eri, and I find w.e you say offending. My fam died for freedom in asmara. Think before you say bro and grow the fuck up.

  3. LMAOO the parent-teacher interview is perfect. I’m having flashbacks right now with my mom.

  4. I find it disturbing that we still can’t come together after all these years. Even just to laugh at a vid. I have eri cousins just like I have ethio cousins. all of our people have done fucked up shit to eachother. We could do so much for the horn if we all got over the past and realized we are all Habesha. But in the end closed minded dummies will keep hate going cause no matter where they live or what language they speak an ignorant ass nigga is going to be an ignorant ass nigga.

  5. Grow up it’s a video. If you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it. Rahel you were beautiful! =)

  6. do we really have to fight about Eritrea vs Ethiopia? Lets just be happy were habesha! I have just as much respect for Ethiopians than Eritrean and i’m eritrean. Can we jsut get along and not have to be mean? its been like 20 years since the war

  7. Do u think gergish mad this vid for all u guys to argue about races???? no!!! now stfu and enjoy the comedy

  8. im ethiopian and nobody listen to that idiot @OperationSunset we love our brothers and sisters in Eritrea Ajokom

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