Shit Habesha Parents Say…wmv

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Shit Habesha Parents Say… Gergish gives you a Habesha lens to look through, to really see what its like growing up in an Eritrean household.

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  1. I don’t understand tigirgna um ethiopian but i watch dis i couldn’t stop laughing of dis video hahaha 😀 damn it makes me laugh so hard when he said everyday u wake up like a dead meat lol and also my dad is exactly the same when i get a B for a test he starts saying why no A? and the only time he sees me is when i play games he doesn’t see anything…we have a beautiful culture and let’s continue to respact our culture proud to be habesha!! ETHIOPIA AND ERITREA<3<3

  2. i cant imagine what life would be like if i had never watched this video! GIRGISH :D:D:D

  3. Anywho you look JUST like my brother, he wears that same exact outfit khakis with the sweater ‘A’ on it and high socks and his name is Henock. Creepy.

  4. loooooool we have that pic in my house and my dad always on dat motherfuckin sofa wid da gabe on hahahaha!!!

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