teddy afro new mezmur ,song, best mezmur

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this is one of ethiopian mezmur , which teddy afro showed his talent again!!!!

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  1. tedsddi–that is how little your mind is,you called me a pin head it is
    just beacuse i have spoken against the one you worship,you must be a good
    Ass kisser to come this far with words to hurt my feeling,Thanks a million,

  2. Hi Tedy God always test the people he loves so much because god he’s been
    tested when he died for as.(Beweshet yeferd yeferdbetal!!) Emebat maryam
    kantegar tehune things happen for a reason what goes around comes round!!

  3. teddy i like da song yh.. but why do u hav to bring the name of ethiopia in
    the holy song(mezmur) i mean i dont hav anything against ethiopia i am
    ethio myself but i dont think its right to do that. and wats all the
    painting on the wall thing???? plssssssssss you dont need to hav that in
    the house of the Lord. may God hav mercy on you teddy Love you

  4. Let remember God 4 a while n be ready to ask n give 4giveness. God Bless
    Teddy, the dead man in the car accident, Ethiopia,Our gov’t n Ethiopians.
    If we don’t have a will to give we can’t get from another person, if we
    don’t have a will to respect we can’t get respect n so on. so b4 we talk
    about other ppl mistake lets check ours, dat is how we can make a better
    Ethiopia n a better world. May God Bless Everyone of U!!!!!!

  5. i feel great when i listen this in the time of sadness or silense….i feel
    there is somebody who loves me and my country in any kind of case.. God
    Bless Everybody! Amen

  6. Not even God’s words puts a dent on your thick head. I am an Eritrean who
    doesn’t like the Ethiopian regime, nevertheless I am a christian raised to
    pray & ask God to resolve issues rather than wish God’s creation – humans
    to die.

  7. Teddy Afro from addis, Kuasmeda. Yesefere lij im proud of you bro it is one
    of the most touching mezmur we love you. kestedamena new yetmarnew

  8. It is good start. It is a beogining. As usaul he is mixing worldly music
    and spritual song, like what he said in his music that preachs of love
    affairs of his lovers from different religion. For those of you who said
    “listen only the word”, think twice.

  9. man this guy is more talented as anyone that came before him if not better,
    i dont mean to compare but i never listened to Ethiopian music before until
    he came along. He is just brilliant and very respectful of our culture. God
    bless you Teddy

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