Teddy Afro New Orthodox Tewhado Mezmur.

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Tewodros kassahun(Teddy afro) best singer of ethiopia after tilahun Gesesse. Ethiopian Hero Singing ethiopian orthodox tewhado mezmur.

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  1. I always get heart attack when I see new Teddy afro realize…..Please
    teddy we miss you too much please please sweet Teddy realize something for
    us……. Love and respect for Teddy Afro!!!

  2. Teddy,give your nice voice to worship God always, nice to hear your voice
    to song for God. I am so happy , keep it up!! God bless you!!!!

  3. መንፈስን የሚያሰክን ዜማ! እርጋታን ከትዝታ ጋር አጣምሮ ጭልጥ አድርጎ የሚወስድ ቅንቃኔ።

  4. teddye enwedhalen gen bichal mulu le mulu zemari hunelen amlak memchaw
    selederese zefen yebekah we leve you T.A

  5. teddy afro is our hero too ,we love him very much , he is realy the best
    singer ( in bahrain ) every body like him . ( ba lebi west le zalalem )
    shashamani lej .

  6. טדי אתה אחד הזמרים גדולים שהיו לנו תמשיך בדרכייך סלם קנדה סאו בטאה ידגפחל

  7. You are an excellent son of God; this a talent gifted by Him. Keep on
    praising Him like this. Never be discouraged by some comments that are
    narrow and judgmental!

  8. Teddy Afro is irreplaceable, i don’t have a word to describe him, am
    speechless about him, he is really true Ethiopian a test individual, true
    ambassador, poetry, a good manifestation of the true son of Ethiopia, a
    model for other fellow musicians, the one who link this generation to the
    earlier, the one who follow tsegaye gebremedhins footstep’s long live le
    teddy afro 

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