Teddy Afro NEW ZEFEN 2011

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  1. ..just a small correcton: the wordis Italia. The right writinh &
    prounciation is : Lampadina- We have the “p” letter in the ethiopian
    /amharic “ge’ez” alphabet…why we dont’ write it in the right way ? ..I
    know , for eaxample, the egiptina arab language ” doesn’t have the “p
    “ltter .. However we have : the “p”, te B”, “pbi” like in the word “Ethipia
    “proncouned in ethiopian: ethipbia”!..so whe??

  2. First let me introduce myself im 28/habesha male/ live in the U.S. Here is
    my take on Ethiopian hip-hop/remix or “Lambadina” i am critical of
    Ethiopian rappers/hip-hop, pop. no offense to the people who are trying to
    be differnet and trying to IMITATE wester style, which is okay, it might
    appeal to some audience but in my opinion it does not appeal to me at all.
    for one hip-hop has never been our style/culture and will never be…so
    please, be yoursself, and proud with your own musical ability.

  3. This music is really good and the group seem to be talented. The problem
    is….. Why do African artists style themselves on USA artists? They look
    the same, they move and dance the same, the video’s are the same, and they
    all wear the same ugly clothes and cheap jewellery. It really is time for
    ALL African artists to show pride for the amazing continent and to develop
    their own natural African style. Adopting American style is just another
    form of slavery – except this time its musical. Sad…

  4. Agree with u ThePhillyZone. Personally , Ethio-Hip-Hop wanna bes piss me
    off . what is wrong with good old zelesegna, Tizita, Anchihoye …?

  5. i love this mix.. u hv a right to disagree but please be polite… we are
    all Ethiopian btw and just cus one likes ethiop hip hop o ethiopian rap
    dont mean they dont like their behal.. there is room for both.. tc

  6. this is barely hip-hop. this is very nice. this is like Haitian Kompa,
    French West Indie zouk, Cape Verdian style . keep it up. there is no such
    thing as pure native music. what would our forefathers say if they heard
    zelesegna, Tizita, Anchihoye? They would say what is this crap. music
    evolves and changes.

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