Tefere Selefe – Dildil Belew – Best Bahilawi Zefen ke Sekota[now with better video quality]

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An other catchy song from Sekota. I especially liked the Wudase for the late General Hailu Kebede who was beheaded by fascist Italy of Mussolini in a village…

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  1. i miss my home land!!!!!!!! nobody understands where i’m from or what culture i’ve come from. where ever i live right now, still i’m pure Ethiopian
    and i’m really proud of being Ethiopian. God thank you for that. we grow up in disciplined way and ………………..so many memories,my home, my land, my friends ……………………..i really miss my home

  2. Christian and Muslim women merry-making together, snippets at 4:58 and 5:32. This is the old tradition..

  3. I wasn’t much in to traditional songs… as well as well as modern Amharic songs except for Neway Debebe and Gossaye Tesfaye poor me. I love and listen those of the western; I suddenly came across to this and I’m now addicted to it ….shame on me i had missed a lot up until now but it’s not let to get back to my identity and beautiful culture. I’m now a big fan of our beautiful cultural songs where one can see true beauty. Thanks Dude for changing me for good.

  4. Awesome people great tradition my tribe came from this tribe bella/himera,our weding is similar this tradition!

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