Tefere Selefe & Sara Mamo – Bahilawi Zefen ke Sekota(Best Masinko tune)

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Lately we have been getting a number of good songs from Sekota, this is another awesome hit with beautiful eskista and mind blowing Masinko Tune!

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  1. How many of you think that the first 2 minutes of this video is a turn off?
    i do think so. It is a beautifully done music vid otherwise and am truly in
    love with the Gojo beToch and the group dancing. The whole setting reminds
    me the villages most of my Agew relatives have been living for ages and it
    is a definite destination whenever i travel to ethio. Can’t wait!

  2. i can’t stop crying. this is just an amazing music. sirkrik voice. from the
    beginning to the end it is just real music.

  3. music isnt music unless it can touch u, make u jump up and down, and replay
    it 100 times EVERY S I N G L E DAY! thumbs up if u agree! :D!

  4. @Musika66 What? The first 2 minutes is some of the best stuff. I call it
    the ethio “breakdown”. It happens at the beginning and is amazing. The best
    part of the song.

  5. If I Don,t No What He Is Saying Bout I am Still Filling In Love The Sound
    Music With In Love To My G.F. I Love You Baby I Miss You

  6. Wow 143 Times I am repeating In This Song Ow No I am Going A Crazy Aaaaaaa
    Wait Minute So Let Me Download Free So That Is Makes Me A Fill Pater I Love
    You Ethiopia

  7. Truly Ethiopian and I’m proud My blood is Ethiopian+. I dn’t speak agew but
    I love Agew songs because my village is not far from Sekota (agew midir).

  8. I’ve been recently acquainted with the masinko and have watched different
    masinko players, and I have to say, this guy is the best.

  9. I’m not ethiopian, but I like that song it’s really beautiful, Dont know
    what they are singing about, but its glorious!

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