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  1. It was in the 1980’s, the opening time of Mekelle university,many student
    fr central ETH were happy 2 go there 2 be the 1st graduated student, but 1
    student wasn’t feel great 2 go there b/se of the previous gvt false
    propaganda. Finally she decided 2 go Mekelle with her father, the good
    people of Mekelle embraced them fr Airport 2 hotels, restaurant, every step
    of the way upto Mekelle university. The student & her father was really
    surprised by the good ppl of Mekelle. In the middle of the roa

  2. Most ppl who never seen Mekelle, when they see in person the lovely Mekelle
    , they wipe their eyes when they arrived Mekelle’s exit 2 central Eth, b/se
    the ppl r extremely decent & kind.I always remember the story of father &
    daughter who traveled 2 Mekelle & surprised by the ppl’s generosity,her Dad
    was cried like a kid, & he said I am wordless,what I did 4 u but the ppl
    help us, this is family means, next day he return back 2 central ETH who r
    they read next page

  3. i wish i was born in mekele city instead of addis ababa …word … i went
    to mekele last year man no word can explain the ppl the city the fun was
    like wow … dont get me wrong i love addis ababa to death….

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