The Emperor’s Birthday

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Most people believe Emperor Haile Selaisse, ruler of Ethiopia, was murdered in 1974 during a military coup. But try telling that to the Rastafarians. To them the Emperor is the incarnation…

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  1. really?…nobody has anything to say?…really? I’m the first to post?
    After all the time this has been up? fishy.

  2. Did this nigga say he loved KING JAMES are you fucking serious shouldnt
    anybody black say that shit, we still on the slave ships reading that
    shit… We dont need no damn bible we are the gods hotep!

  3. @NetjerAshe aye, why would jesus go to europe to go to school and leave his
    people to fend for themselves, he wasnt even related by blood to the royals
    ! check that out !!!

  4. @Keepmovin2000 I have something to say…ALL PRAISES DUE TO THE MOST HIGH,

  5. @SPmQQse Do you know much of the history of Ethiopia? If you did you would
    recognize His Majesty’s contributions. I recommend this video: Professor
    Donald Levine’s ESAT Insight interview with Prof. Donald Levine Part 1 of 3
    (Ethiopia) on Youtube. He discuss a range of issues on Ethiopia. His
    analysis of HIM reign is around 47:00.

  6. @MrMarkalston Jesus did go to Egypt and He would always go to the Synagogue
    to learn from the Elders and the Wise..Yes you should check it out man!!!

  7. it proves ras get it wrong……its hard to swallow for them..but its
    tru…..more love anyway. peace.

  8. After looking at this, it would seem as if Haile Selaisse was manufactured
    in the Jamaican way of life very carefully for so many to believe he is
    part of bible prophecy…because NOwhere in the scriptures do I even get an
    idea this Haile Selaisse guy is the reincarnate of Jesus Christ. So to each
    his own….but seems like another way to craftfully keep racism brewed.

  9. Where in the Bible is it written that Jesus went to the synagogue to learn
    from the elders & the wise? He aaways went to the synagogue to teach,doing
    so at an early age as 12. He did his initiation to wisdom in Egypt, and
    always met hostility and jealousy from the synagogue teachers (Pharisians &
    Sadduceans), who hated to see such a young boy wisdom & knowledge of the
    sacred books challenge theirs. B/4 telling people 2 check whatever facts,
    better check you master what you’re talking of.

  10. And why did Jesus accept to die, leaving his people mistreated and Israel
    destroyed and the Jews scattered in the hands of the Romans?

  11. Hey poop1791 are you really a fisher man since that you sound more like a
    troller.. You should have known better saying that you’re still searching
    for Wisdom. Jesus Lord of Lords was (probably) as it is not written at what
    exact age He was in 1 or 2 year old initiation to Wisdom in you sound like you’re still in Egypt. time to move poop

  12. 50:27 “Now Im going to tell you a mystery John. Do you want to cut me

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