The Historical Relation of Ethiopia ( Habesha) with Saudi Arabia by Historians & Religeous Scholars.

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  1. what more can we say about the mentality of arabs. they are barbaric
    through and through. wow to them when the day oil runs out or when the
    world finds other means of energy. you arabs will coil back to your desert
    where you came from. the last time i checked oil is not on new yorks stock

    to all ethoipians who are r living in arab nations may god be with you.

  2. stop religion. religion is evil no matter if it has good superficial
    benefits. if you
    cant be civilized without religion then your not civilized period. islam is
    not a religion of peace and arabs are evil. there’s quiet a lot of data to
    suppurt arab barbaric proclivity. people need to realize that. ethiopians
    should have realized that before heading to sa. if the arabs do this stuff
    to each other what makes you think they won’t do it to non-arabs? seriously?
    im ethiopian athiest that is very civilized morality wise and you can be
    too. It is necessary for Ethiopia to be rid of religion in order for it to
    move forward with science,reason, preparation, ect.religion will always be
    holding ethiopia back from becoming the super power it can be NO RELiGION.
    but then again. ethiopians are so closely tied to it that they can’t be
    what they are without religion.sad very sad.

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