The ruling party in Ethiopia to inaugurate $2 million anti-Menilik statue

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Tigray People Liberation Front prepares to inaugurate the controversial anti-Emperor Menelik statue in southern Ethiopia that depicts a cut off woman breast….

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  1. Amharas are a joke they think oromos have no mind or culture first of all
    gondere = Farrah they don’t know shit they only know talk and sin yet they
    believe they are godly people that’s how you know oromos have suffered a

  2. Erecting statue to commemorate past history has not start in Ethiopia. Why
    those “AMARA” , so called Amharan’s leader, do not think outside the
    box. This is true History and so many people still remember what Milinilk
    has done to their past generation! Anyway what do you expect from folks
    like this …[haha Tedy Afro ] need to see this …instead of apologizing
    they are still on denial…

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