The water war between Egypt and Ethiopia

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It’s the longest river in the world and runs through Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt, but instead of the being the great uni…

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  1. What if i told you, egyptian army and police are dealing with the terrorists, i’m living there and i didn’t die thought, ethiopia is to weak to defeat us

  2. there’s no freaking war will start morsy is no more president everything he did will be aborted now shut up

  3. As an Egyptian i am with athiopian to start develop their country but i should tell them that the egyptian army is 10st biggest army and u can check it up and won’t let ur dam stand for few hours if it really harms us we built a dam ourselves like fifty years ago but it sucks we are setting up a nuclear station now and i don’t think us will stand with u against egypt egypt is just more important for israel and sues canal and this is how the us thinks

  4. Well u can try to attack a nation that was never colonized, but i don´t think that u will not succes. Your own country issue and that the fact that china and italy invest in this damm and is stands with ethiopia will make that more difficult. Moreover the USA have their own milltray station in ethiopia(for their drons) and need ethiopia for Somalia. And with which right u want to attack ethiopia to use their own water ? hahahah ridiculous

  5. u crazy u forget we enslave “u” and arebs ALSO (the italy’s the yemenies saudi arebia and also egyptian pherons and u are trying to call us uncivilized ) u bitch

  6. Fuck Egypt & the British…the Muslim (Turkey/Syria) in Egypt are invaders of North African; all the Muslim should be removed from the black African nations, the Muslim are invaders, terrorist, racist, uncivilized, corrupt & ungrateful human beings, this stupid Muslim has forget that Egypt & Libya are Black Ethiopian nation.

  7. Go Ethiopia…..Arabs are uninvited guests in Africa. As a Somali, I fully support our Ethiopian brother in their quest to develop. The Nile does NOT belong to Egypt.

    To all the Arabs: Fuck off to the deserts of Arabia. You have no place in Africa.

  8. we are black hero in Africa , if will tech any black brothers in Africa ,we punish all Arab country know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What do he mean by racetracks of blood this dum ass he acts like they can do whatever they won’t in ethiopia using their military force hell no we are 98 millions of us we are one for our country since a century.u mather fuker

  10. Moses wrote the Torah and was born in Egypt yet when he wrote the Torah genesis chpt 2:13 he only mentions Gihon (Nile) he says it surrounds Ethiopia not Egypt. That was clearly not an error. Moses knew Egypt but he also knew the truth as he is the greatest Prophet of all times.

  11. You forgot RDC, Kenya and Burundi.

    This Youtube Video is pathetically constantly stalling on US broadband. 🙁

  12. The interview is soooo bad, he is biased and doesn’t allow the guests to state their comments…..the two Guests in the studio are so matured but the interviewer is trying to instigate war

  13. ethiopians arnt jewish check your facts egypt has the most jews in african territory you guys treat african like shit so don’t call your country an african counrty very shameful people alway fighting every country i know of

  14. well it seems arabs up north seem to do better then most of africa if not all of africa down south lets see u guys have civil wars every 5 years famine a fucking hotbed of terrorists cant even country ur fucking country while arabs up north have the biggest economies the cleanest water in all of africa and egypt is the most visited country in africa we also have the strongest militaries ranked by international experts while u guys seem to survive on food aid these r facts arabs will be here haha

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